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Binery is an affordable subscription-based
AI-supported accountant service that keeps your financial books lean for you as your company grows!

With Binery, you will save on average

save 60 hours per month of admin tasks

hours/month spent on admin tasks

save 40% in accounting fees

in annual accounting fees

Do what you love, we'll handle the rest

Binery combines accountant expertise with AI efficiency to give business owners the bookkeeping experience they've always wanted!

Hear it from the experts

You'll work with accountants who are up-to-date on the latest trends and who will take the time to learn your business because they enjoy working with founders and entrepreneurs!

work directly with certified accountants

Spend only what you need to

You have a choice of different monthly plans because Binery wants to provide the right balance of service and affordability!

spend only the minimum of what you need to on overhead

Designed for business owners

Binery's web app is designed for business owners, not accountants, so you can easily submit receipts and documentation while also looking up financial data or reports at any time!

use a platform designed for business owners

Let Binery do your books for one month - Risk Free!

While you may feel nervous letting someone else do your books, there comes a time in every company's evolution when doing so is what's best for the business. With Binery's risk-free trial, you can make that transition without worry!



Inconsistent bookkeeping

High internal cost

Self-taught accounting

business insight

Reliable support

Transparent and affordable fees

Accounting expertise

Full picture of
your business

Businesses utilize Binery to handle their accounting

Binery has been a responsive and reliable partner in supporting Xccelerate with our accounting and administrative requirements.
xccelerate founder Lavine Hemlani
Lavine Hemlani
CEO & Chairman
Binery was able to help us navigate the complexities of a growing business through a solution tailored for our business. The results gave us insights for us to make informed decisions to grow our company.
Reap Founder Kevin Kang
Kevin Kang

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