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Future-proof Your Business and Grow with the Future of Financial Risk Insights

Improve risk control and accelerate growth via BINERY Insights featuring our latest Alternative Credit Scoring system plus Anti Money Laundering and Continuous Monitoring technologies.

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Minimise fraud incidents

Identify potential fraud incidents and prevent it with minimal impact to end users.

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Identify risks

Gather impactful data points within customer transactions to minimise default ratio.

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Increase accuracy

Work faster with the power of data and insights, resulting in less time spent on manual analyses.

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How BINERY Insights delivers Anti-Money Laundering and Monitoring Solutions

Integrated with the financial institution’s existing system, BINERY Insights leverages on best business practices and our unique technology to help financial institutions comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Our solution focuses on Know-Your-Transaction (KYT) processes as well as credit scoring data via the client’s transactional behavioural analysis.

Company dashboard

Comprehensive and in-depth view of company performance detailing forecasts, benchmark KPIs, and more!

Deep dive analysis

Over 270 data points available to provide financial institutions with a 360-degree view of the customer’s financial status.

Alternative Credit Scoring

Complement traditional credit scores for SMEs when applying for lending facilities!

Connect with BINERY today and see how you can stay ahead of your competitor with the power of data.

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