How it works

We designed the accounting service to ease your admin workload immediately, so that after getting set up, you can refocus on your customers and leave the admin to us. Binery’s accounting service takes 3 simple steps:

1. Get set up with your bookkeeper

You will be introduced to your expert accountant, who will connect your Xero account to Binery, show you the ins-and-outs of your finances, and work alongside you as your business grows.

2. We manage your bookkeeping

Each month, your accountant ensures your books are processed on time with accuracy and reliability.

3. Receive financial reviews and reporting

Your accountant will review and present relevant financial insights based on your transactions. Metrics such as burn rates can be added on top of standard financial statements.

Onboarding Process

To help determine the right accounting package for you, we first need to have an initial meeting to familiarize ourselves with your unique business challenges and accounting setup.


Understanding Your Needs

To help determine the right accounting service for you, we would connect first in order to familiarize ourselves with your unique business challenges and accounting setup. Based on your required level of activity, the frequency of accounting and reporting work may need to be adjusted in order to maintain up-to-date financials, and to ensure relevant information is available when you need it.


Accounting Service Setup

If you don’t have an account with either Xero, we can help procure a license on your behalf and include it in the monthly subscription. If you already have an existing account, we will require the owner to grant us advisor administrative rights so that we can start managing your books.


Communication Channels Setup

We will integrate with your existing communication setup to ensure a frictionless and responsive service: Our customers currently connect with their Binery accountant through the following channels: Slack, WhatsApp, Binery's Live Chat, email, and Zoom

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