Launch your company today!

Binery is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use platform for forming a company in Hong Kong. By helping you reduce the complex steps of the application process, Binery can help you launch your startup in a day.

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Trusted by digital entrepreneurs

Join hundreds of founders who have used Binery to form their startup. Our platform is built for scale and is intuitive to use.

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All-in-one platform

View and download all your company registration and secretarial documents in one place.

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Be informed all the time

Get notified in advance for submission of annual profit returns to the government and other compliance related matters.

Form your company within 24 hours!

Spend 10 minutes filling out a bit of information, and receive your Business Registration and Company Incorporation certificates within 24 hours.

Check your company name availability

Search the availability of your company name on our platform without logging into the Company Registry's website.

Issue stock to founders

Generate stock issuance documents easily to create your company's initial ownership structure with tools provided on our platform.

Affordable price

Save money on incorporation with our affordable rates for startups of all sizes.

At your service

Our 24/7 service desk is here to give you personalized help within 15 minutes.

Finish at your pace

Save a draft of your application and fill in the details when you have them.

Bookkeeping & Audit Services

Breeze through your first audit cycle on our easy-to-use platform and support from our team.

Check your company name availability

step 1

Search the availability of your company name on our platform.

step 2

Your company is formed in Delaware

step 3

Receive a tax ID number from the IRS

step 4

Form your company with Binery

We'll guide you through what's needed to set up your startup in Hong Kong.


Formation of a Limited Company in Hong Kong
Official Business Registration Certificate
Official Company Incorporation Document
Tools to setup your cap table
Price includes all government fees
Discounts for bookkeeping & auditing services

setup fee

Run your business

After you set up your company with Binery, there are separate ongoing costs of running a company that we help you manage, if you choose us to be your company secretary.

Key on-going costs (not included in setup fee)

  • Change of registered address
  • Additions or Deductions of shareholder equity
  • Bank account opening assistance

Not Ready Yet?

Register now to lock in a 10% discount when you are ready to form your startup!