Accounting is fun when you don’t have to do it

Binery makes short, accurate work of your books using a combination of AI, automation, and accountant expertise!

Working with Binery’s accountants is easy

communicate with your accountant anytime

1. Communicate with your accountant anytime

You can reach Binery’s accountants by email, phone, Slack, Binery chat and Zoom. Binery will promptly respond to inquiries and quickly resolve open issues.

upload invoices quickly through binery's software

2. Use Binery’s simple software interface

Binery will receive most transactions by integrating your revenue and expense systems with Binery’s accounting platform. For offline transactions, you’ll submit documentation through Binery’s user-friendly proprietary interface.

get accurate monthly reports on time

3. Receive and review financial reports and data

You’ll get a monthly package of financial reports that show how your business performed and provide key financial metrics. You can also look up current financial data any time you need.

Onboarding is quick and painless


Binery learns your business

To help determine the right accounting service for you, Binery will first familiarise with your unique business challenges and current accounting setup.


Binery sets up your accounting software

Binery will connect to your current accounting setup and fill in the missing gaps as needed. If you don't already use accounting software, no problem! Binery will help you get a license to a recommended solution.


Binery sets up communication channels

Binery will integrate with your existing communication setup to ensure a frictionless and responsive service. Access to your accounting team is a key part of delivering reliable service.

Drag & drop off your accounting tasks to us

Get financial advice
when you need it

Binery’s team of CPA-certified accountants will ensure that you are fully supported so you can have peace of mind.

  • Manage communications with your accountant seamlessly
  • Receive financial advice for your business
Platform chat UI

Let us solve your
financial challenges

From keeping track of metrics to managing subscription-based revenues, Binery’s here to manage your books on your terms.

  • Understand metrics you need to grow your business
  • Review in-depth insights to make informed decisions
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Save more time
for your business

Time is invaluable. Focus on building your business while Binery deals with the technical details!

  • Get notified when your financials are ready
  • Access your financial reports anytime
  • Track all your receipts at once
  • Outsource sorting and processing your records
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Designed to fit the needs of startups and founders

track income

Track Stripe income

Binery's deep understanding of Stripe ensures all transactions are recorded correctly in your accounting system, helping you make smarter financial decisions!

track metrics

Accurate SAAS metrics

Binery's in-depth knowledge of your financial data ensures you’re provided with accurate metrics!

cross-departmental reports

Cross-department solutions

Binery produces reports for multiple products to provide the transparency and visibility you need!

track subscriptions

Subscription-based revenue

Offer monthly/annual plans to your customers? Binery will accurately and securely record this across all periods while stating your cash position!

manage payroll

Simple payroll management

Upon your approval, Binery will help manage your payroll administration activities and provide concise reports on your labor investment!

get accounting benefits on intangibles

Intangible Assets

Not sure if you need to capitalize on your software development costs and consider amortization? Binery will help build your books so you receive full accounting benefits on all of your intangible assets!

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