account setup

Spend more time on what you do best

A founder of an early stage startup would generally be pulled in many directions, from registering the startup to speaking to prospects to writing code for the product to pitching angel investors. There is just not enough time to do everything. Setting up and managing a startup’s accounting is essential, and even more so if the ambition is going after venture capital. However, setting up your accounting technology stack which connects the transactional points of your business, from Stripe being the revenue generating component, to Expensify being the cost management side, is quite difficult. With a startup accountant like Binery, you can set up seamlessly and we will manage everything for you.

cash management

Get the most value out of your money

Regardless of whether you are bootstrapping, or just closed a seed round, having discipline cash flow management is vital to the survivability of your startup. We have encountered many founders that overspent as soon as the seed round was closed, on unnecessary office space to over-hiring. We understand cash is even more scarce for startups and that is why we closely monitor and advise your cash flow position. Your startup accountant is here to offer cash flow management expertise specific to your industry nature. Binery is here to set you up for success by thinking long term and that begins with healthy cash flow management.

expert bookkeeping

Get the support you need when you need it

Binery is a combination of startup accounting human expertise and software technology to eliminate tasks that are prone to human error. Our team of highly qualified accountants is here to provide a great customer experience, offloading any accounting pressure you might have and ensuring your books are accurate by working with automation technology. We realize software itself cannot entirely replace accounting yet, especially when each business is different even within the same industry. Human intelligence is still required to provide actionable insights for founders to make data-backed decisions.

customized reports

Get a clear picture of your finances

A good founder or business owner has a good grasp of their business financial situation. The amount of financial challenges would only arise as your business grows. Understanding how your revenue and expense metrics work together to generate key metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value, Net MRR Churn, Customer Acquisition Cost is essential. These metrics are important whether you decide to obtain venture capital or if you decide to bootstrap. In order to trust these metrics, they have to calculated from a holistic set of data. This is where Binery can help with through the process of accounting. Our objective is to make it easier for you to access these metrics, enabling informed decisions to be made.