Our Mission

To empower startups to focus on what they do best!

Startups are constantly overwhelmed with back office duties without much support. Binery is here to help carry those duties by providing support through our AI accounting service and help startups grow smoothly.

Our Community Values

Customer First

Whatever your accounting needs are, we are here to make sure you get it as soon as you need it.

Inclusive to All

Whether you’re a fast growing startup or a solo entrepreneur, we’re committed to giving you the same high quality service.

Open to Questioning

There’s no such thing as a stupid question in our books. We’ll clear up any uncertainties you have about your finances.

No Frills, Just Facts

We’ll give the facts to you straight. No messing around, so you can get on with your business.

Lean, but not Mean

We get it, startups want to save money. We’re committed to offering corporate-quality accounting at consumer-level prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Binery is an AI accounting service specifically built to service online businesses and technology startups in Asia. We have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Binery is for startups and entrepreneurs with no accounting experience looking to setup their accounting, and for small businesses looking to migrate their accounting to the digital sphere.

Binery is most popular with digital online businesses, for example if you own a Shopify store, and also with venture backed startups where you have raised capital from VCs or Angels.