I currently manage my own Xero/ Quickbooks account and it is taking too much of my time.

We can help you manage your accounts on your behalf. Not just the accounting software itself, but making sure all your systems are integrated properly. At the end of every month, we will help you make sense of the numbers and explain what it means to your business.

I am looking to outsource my technology savvy bookkeeper so I can focus on scaling my business.

Outsourcing your financial management to someone else can be a daunting task, however with Binery’s hi-touch approach and emphasis on customer service, it is our mission to make this worry go away.

I am a business owner and I do not know anything about accounting.

Binery is designed for business owners who are experts in their domain. Bookkeeping should be left to the financial experts, whilst you focus on your expertise to grow your business. You do not have to know about accounting to use Binery.

I am a business owner and I do not have the time to learn about accounting.

This is the reason we created Binery in the first place. We understand how precious time is, especially for a business owner. We can manage and stay on top of your finances for you whilst you have 100% visibility and control.

I understand accounting but I rather leave it to the experts to handle this so I could focus on growing my business.

This is the fundamental principle of why we exist. Our mission is to help companies stay lean and efficient so you can grow with less challenges along the journey. 

I operate a technology business and I want to partner with a bookkeeper that is more technology savvy.

At Binery, we empower our bookkeepers with software automation. We employ more software engineers than bookkeepers. The reason is we understand how technology businesses function and connect with each other. It is important to understand your entire operational model first before we can highly automate your bookkeeping process.

I operate a business with a high volume of transactions. I want to work with a bookkeeper that does not charge per transaction.

Our commercial model is built in a way to offer value to you instead of having our services as a commodity. We will charge you a transparent flat fee even if you have a sudden increase in volume of transactions. With our software automation built into our system, we can process millions of transactions every day with 100% accuracy and speed. 

I want to hire a CFO and a COO but cannot afford it at the moment.

Binery is designed to be a virtual and fractional CFO/ COO. The COO function exist as well because it is important to streamline business operations first before attempting automation with bookkeeping. This is a general best practice for companies that want to stay lean and ready to scale. For a traditional accountant, your business operations might be complex, but it does not matter for the bookkeeper as long as they receive the documents. However, we realize this is only covering the surface and not addressing the business as a whole.

I do not want to hire anymore operational and administrative staff. I would rather use this budget to hire sales and technology experts.

We understand the need to grow revenue generating departments and optimize cost centers. Our commercial model is designed so that you are investing a fraction of the cost of hiring an administrative or operational staff member, but receiving all the benefits of an expert bookkeeper with CFO services.

I want to understand my company’s financial situation on a more frequent basis, not just annually.

If you want to take your business to another level, doing bookkeeping on an annual basis is not enough. Having at least a monthly view with give you data points and insights to make informed business decisions. Binery offers monthly reporting and also helps you make sense of the financial information, translating data to what it means to your business.

I am a technology startup and I need my books prepared properly for potential investors.

Our customers are primarily technology startups, some ventured backed as well. We understand the expectations of investors and what they are looking for. If you are serious about growing your business, you have come to the right place.

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