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Binery’s affordable accounting service helps you stay lean as you grow. Do what you love and outsource the rest!

What startups say about Binery!

Binery has been a responsive and reliable partner in supporting Xccelerate with our accounting and administrative requirements.
Lavine Hemlani
Lavine Hemlani
CEO & Chairman
Binery was able to help us navigate the complexities of a growing business through a solution tailored for our business. The results gave us insights for us to make informed decisions to grow our company.
Reap Founder Kevin Kang
Kevin Kang

Stress free accounting!



Inconsistent bookkeeping

High internal cost

Self-taught accounting

Insufficient business insight

Reliable support

Transparent and affordable fees

Accounting expertise

Strong insight into your business

All your accounting is covered!

With Binery, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever for founders and business owners to focus on growing their business without admin worries!

Binery’s two-tiered approach combines
the best of “people and software”!

With a human touch

You’ll be paired with an expert accountant, managing your books with the utmost care!

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Track Stripe income

Our deep understanding of Stripe ensures all transactions are recorded correctly in your accounting system, helping you make smarter financial decisions.

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Accurate SaaS metrics

Our in-depth knowledge of your financial data ensures you’re provided with accurate metrics.

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Cross-department solutions

We produce reports for multiple products to provide the transparency and visibility you need.

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Subscription-based revenue

Offer monthly/annual plans to your customers? We will accurately and securely record this across all periods while stating your cash position

Payroll Icon

Simple payroll management

Upon your approval, we will help manage your payroll administration activities and provide concise reports on your labor investment.

Intangible assets icon

Intangible Assets

Not sure if you need to capitalize on your software development costs and consider amortization? We will help build your books so you receive full accounting benefits on all of your intangible assets!

Use software built for founders, not accountants

One platform for all your needs, Hassle-free! Don't spend anymore time on accounting softwares.

Monitor accounting progress at a glance

  • Receive notifications when your financials are ready
  • Understand your finances at any point in time

Upload documents and forget

  • Digitize paper trails and forget about them
  • Outsource the sorting and processing of docs

Speak to your accountant using chat

  • Manage communications with your accountant seamlessly
  • Receive financial advice for your business

Review relevant metrics for your startup

  • Understand metrics you need to grow your business
  • Review in-depth insights to make informed decisions

What does this mean for you?

Save more time for your business

Time is invaluable. Focus on building your business while we help with the financial jargon and processes.

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Manage your financial challenges

From keeping track of metrics to managing subscription-based revenues, we’re here to manage your books on your terms.

Puzzle with highlighted piece in center

Benefit from an experienced team

Our team of CPA-certified accountants will ensure that you are fully supported so you can have peace of mind.

Pocketwatch with many highlighted gears

Clearly understand your finances

A clear understanding of your financial situation means you can achieve your financial goals with less friction.

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Founders say goodbye to

  • Expensive accounting, audit and tax fees.
  • Endless email exchanges and repetitive clarifications.
  • Non-tech savvy accountants.
  • Human-prone errors.
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Binery has expertise in Xero, Quickbooks, Stripe and Expensify.

Binery manages your accounting ecosystem seamlessly, providing an affordable service so you can focus on what really matters.

On average, you will save

60 hours saved

hours/month spent on admin tasks

40% saved

in annual accounting fees

Do what you love
Outsource the rest!

Binery's most asked questions

Accounting gives you a crystal clear picture of where your money is coming and going. When your books are up-to-date, you get an accurate measure of your business’s health, enabling you to make smarter financial decisions.

With Xero, there is a steep learning curve if you are not trained in accounting. Learning the software is time consuming and as a founder, you could be spending this time growing your business instead.

Binery is a modern accounting service, combining the best of people & software, with zero learning curve. You will be paired with an accountant who will manage your books using our proprietary software, which works in harmony with Xero, Quickbooks and Wave.

Xero has built a powerful world-class accounting software. However, the complexity and abundance of features can be overwhelming to founders and small business owners, who are typically not trained in accounting.

Binery's proprietary software works in harmony with Xero, providing the features that you need, paired with your own accountant. By adopting a 'people & software' approach, we offer a reliable and affordable service.

Our accountants are located in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Bookkeeping is standardised around the world, adopting either a 'cash basis' or 'accrual basis' recording method.

Near the end of your financial year, we work with our local audit partners present in 74 countries to ensure audit compliance is met.

You can definitely manage your books on your own, but many of our customers, who are startup founders and small business owners, choose us because they do not have the time or expertise to do so, and to do it correctly.

Time should be spent on your customers and growing the business, not back office admin activities.

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